Who we are

GuildLink Pty Ltd (formerly healthlinks.net) is an Australian data management company. It was established in 1995 and began trading as healthlinks.net in 1999. We offer a range of customised internet solutions for health professionals. We work closely with pharmaceutical companies and various health organisations to deliver the most up to date medicine information, to anyone, anytime.

What we do

GuildLink was originally established in 1995 to provide a means for pharmaceutical companies to distribute their CMI electronically to pharmacies. As a result of changes to government legislation, pharmaceutical companies are required to provide availability of CMI to consumers when their medicines are dispensed. The CMI can be supplied as a leaflet in the medicine pack or as an electronic version for the pharmacist to print when they dispense the medicine. To ensure that the consumer receives the most up to date version, many companies distribute their CMI electronically to pharmacies through the services of GuildLink.

In 2000, GuildLink was approached by pharmaceutical companies to develop a centralised system to distribute their current CMI and PI to organisations that require this information. This system, called the Secure Data Warehouse, ensures that health organisations, medicine publishers, government bodies and other organisations that use CMI and PI have the most up-to-date versions in a format that meets their needs.

The above initiatives have improved the currency of medicines information in the Australian market.

About www.medicines.org.au

Why the web site has been developed

This web site is the most recent initiative of GuildLink. It has been developed to address a need for a centralised source of approved Australian medicine information for consumers and health professionals that is up to date, free of charge and contains no advertising. Our aim is to support Australia's national strategy for the Quality Use of Medicines, whose goal is to make the best possible use of medicines to improve health outcomes for all Australians.

What the web site contains

This website contains medicine information in the form of Product Information (PI) and Consumer Medicine Information (CMI). This website contains the latest versions of the Product Information (PI) and Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) that is provided by the pharmaceutical companies for these medicines. These companies are required by the regulatory agency to keep the PIs and CMIs up to date as new information becomes available. This website is updated within hours of release of the PI or CMI from the pharmaceutical company.

All medical content on this website, that is, Product Information (PI) and Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) documents, are sourced from and authored by the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and/or distribute these medicines. The manufacturer/distributor information is contained within each document, in addition to the document revision or release date. If you have any comments regarding the content provided within a PI or CMI document, please contact the manufacturer/distributor of the PI or CMI document.

All non-medical content on this website is authored by GuildLink Pty Ltd. The current GuildLink Pty Ltd editorial team members responsible for this website are:

  • Cam Luong BSc OCP ACE
  • Nimesh Prasad BSc MCP
  • Sean O’Halloran
  • Vanessa Law BA
If you have any comments regarding the non-medical content on this website, please contact us on sales@guildlink.com.au.

If you are a pharmaceutical company and would like your medicine information included on this web site, please contact us on sales@guildlink.com.au.

Future Directions for the web site

We are working closely with pharmaceutical companies and various organisations, such as Vision Australia, to deliver medicine information in ways that will better meet the needs of people with vision impairment or other disabilities that limit their access to printed information.