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PI Arzerra
date_range 20 Mar 2018
PI Asmol CFC-Free
salbutamol sulfate
date_range 23 Jun 2023
PI Aspalgin
aspirin and codeine phosphate hemihydrate
date_range 22 Apr 2022
PI Aspecillin VK
date_range 10 May 2023
PI Atacand
candesartan cilexetil
date_range 20 Jan 2021
PI Atacand Plus
candesartan cilexetil with hydrochlorothiazide
date_range 12 Oct 2022
PI Ataris 10 and 20mg
date_range 12 Sep 2023
PI Atectura Breezhaler
indacaterol with mometasone furoate
date_range 11 Jan 2021
PI Atgam
antithymocyte globulin - equine
date_range 20 Jan 2023
PI Atozet
ezetimibe with atorvastatin calcium
date_range 23 Oct 2023

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